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My watercolor artwork & inspiration

Very often watercolor art lovers asking me what inspires my watercolor artwork, why my watercolor paintings always reflect around indian context?

Original watercolor paintings for sale indian temple
Water painting of padmanabhaswamy temple is one among inspiration for me to paint my art expression.

Water painting inspiration

What really derives me to make various painting of indian watercolor cityscapes, hustle and bustle of crowded indian markets, streets, food vendors, spiritual place, ext. I can answer them with only one sentence "because, i can feel the subject".

An extreme summer which can easily dehydrate anyone, but even this extreme condition can't stop to explore your creativity. I always enjoy come out from my studio and make watercolor artwork right in-front of the subject, it's been amazing experience being part of it, sensing the aroma, flavor, colors and magical moment of the subject. Some time making out-door watercolor paintings brought great challenges to me especially in hot condition, i feel like lord Sun has no compassion to me.

watercolour paintings for sale
This watercolour artwork of Keshi ghat in Vrindvan was another huge art inspiration to me, the divine energy of this place has given me tremendous power to paint this watercolour art.

Artist connection of watercolor art subject is key

As a watercolor artist one should quickly understand the mood of the place, the falling shadow and overall composition which may keep changing now & then. I try to capture all necessary element in my watercolor art, but it all depends how significantly i have adjusted myself as an artist with surrounded moments. This becomes so important for any plein air watercolor artist to make perfect water painting. Extreme hot condition not allowing me to stand long time and pushing me hard to complete my water painting, some how i feel that the weather plays a vital role bringing best out of me to quickly complete my outdoor watercolor paintings.

water paint art of Varanasi ghat
Banaras ghat watercolour painting is something which i always enjoy, this place has natural captivating energy makes you realise your existence. I have made several series of watercolor fine art paintings. many of my watercolor artwork available online for sale.

original watercolour art for sale
watercolor painting of padmanabhaswamy temple in rainy days.

Influence of place in my water painting

Some time i love being so agile and some other time this seems annoying and unpleasant way to make watercolor art. whatever it may be, but the influence of that "moment" has always inspirational and motivates me to move further. All of my watercolor artwork has been inspired by indian cityscape, streets, extremely busy markets, people and several other subject whichever inspiring me. I think, being inspired by these subject was not challenging for me, i have grown myself within these context. I always feel connected whenever i try to make new piece of watercolor painting, hence even extreme weather seems easy. What is more challenging is transferring the values, emotions and the essence of the moment into the painting,

art watercolor painting banaras ghat
Online fine art gallery of water paint art varanasi ghat

original watercolor paintings
This watercolour artwork influenced from spiritual town of Varanasi, every artwork of this place inspirers me to paint more of such watercolor paintings.

All of my watercolour paintings available for private art collection, if you wish to buy any of my watercolor painting, please browse through Gallery section to explore many more watercolor artwork online. Please do write an e-mail regarding any query or clarification of owning my watercolor paintings.

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