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All I do is giving color to people’s life through watercolor

New Work of Watercolor Art

Check-out my latest original watercolor artwork, their availability for sale and my source of inspiration to create this watercolor painting.

This original watercolor art of Varanasi ghat is available for sale. Banaras ghat watercolor painting

This watercolor art is inspired from one of the most sacred place on earth 'Varanasi'. Through this watercolor artwork I tried to capture the essence of divine energy, surrounding environment and the moments of spiritual connection. The combination of color contrast and saturation helped me to achieve the desired outcome of this magnificent place. This original watercolor artwork is available for sale. Interested art collectors please send your inquiry for more details of this watercolor art.

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The Reflection of Life
Watercolor on paper
Original watercolor painting
15 x 22 Inch
June 2022

Available for Sale


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