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Nitin Singh

Thank you so much showing your curiosity to know me & my watercolor art journey.


My name is Nitin Singh and you can find me creating water painting in & around Bangalore (INDIA), and if I’m not then I might be doing something which I don’t enjoy much :(


Well, after this point I don’t know what to write about me, and that leads me to see what other artist (may be watercolor artist) write about themselves. After doing few exploration I realized it’s all about individual creative thought process, art inspiration, execution and various level of motivations that defines the overall artist characteristic or artist creative personality. Every artist has source of inspiration, they nurture them and evolve his/her creation.

Inspiration is key. My inspiration is Agile Water, I get inspired when i come contact of her cooling nature, I see her denial and acceptance, she is inspirational. My watercolor artworks has been evolved and disgusted while impress her with my creative ideology and brush stoke, her refusal to accept my brush coordination was painful days when I was trying to concur her. She saw my patience, awareness and desire to control her, my journey to keep impressing her continues and I am wondering there is no end.

Thats's me :)

My Exhibition:
  • National exhibition of art group show, Karnataka Lalit Kala Akademi, Bangalore, 2017  (Merit Award)

  • Solo art exhibition at Lalit kala Akademi, New Delhi, 2017

  • Group show art exhibition at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2016

  • International watercolor society (Stephanie palace, Budapest) Hungary, 2016

  • International watercolor society (International art gallery, Vancouver) Canada, 2016

  • International watercolor society, IRAN, online exhibition 2016

  • Artville art exhibition (Bangalore) 2016

  • “Chitra Santé” at karnataka chitrakala parishath (Bangalore) 2016

  • Painting exhibition at Rangoli art center (Bangalore) 2015

  • Design summit workshop at “Campbell” (California,USA) 2014

  • Group show painting exhibition at Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) 2000

  • Group show painting exhibition at Rajgir (Bihar) 2000

  • Rang vikalp group show exhibition at “College of arts & craft (Patna) 1999

  • Annual group show exhibition at “College of arts & craft, Patna” 1999,2000,2001.

Major Awards:
  • Received “Merit Award” for my watercolor artwork in National Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, Karnataka in 2017
  • Received “Best personal art journey speech Award” in Campbell (California, USA) 2014
  • Received “World Best 20 Watercolor Artist” award organized by “International watercolor society” IRAN.
Many private art collection across the world and art galleries.
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