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The most pleasurable thing about watercolor
is being able to control it's fluidity - this is magical!

Unfortunately, many people leave watercoloring
because they don't see improvement in their work and that is demotivating. 
Staying motivated and learning the right watercolor techniques is the key.

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Hi, I'm Nitin Singh

I'm a professional watercolor artist and an online watercolor art tutor for thousands of people who wish to use watercolor with joy and confidence. I have met several students who have a passion for watercolor art despite finding it hard. It was their desire and ability to learn proven watercolor techniques which helped them to conquer this beautiful art medium.

It's been a decade now since I began teaching watercolor techniques. It gives me immense joy when I see my students produce beautiful art which they can be proud of. 


Let’s explore the possibilities of watercoloring beyond the basics. Let’s take a  deep dive to embrace this beautiful medium and be able to create your own incredible watercolor artwork. Join my online watercolor school to unlock your potential!

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School Membership 

Here is an overview of what you will receive once you subscribe to my school membership program

Watercolor lessons


You will get high quality watercolor tutorial videos created by Nitin Singh. You will receive immediate access to 18 videos totalling around 13.5 hours of learning content. You will also have access to new tutorials added every month.

Mentoring sessions

Nothing beats mentorship for kickstarting your progress, and this is why the course is highly engaging in nature. Review, feedback and interactive webinar sessions will help you to measure your learning success.

Community gallery

Inspiration is key to success. You will be able to add your watercolor artwork to the community gallery and receive feedback from your peer group. Star student of the month, online exhibitions and many other activities make this community motivated.

online watercolour course for beginners.

Course highlights

Unlimited access to all watercolor tutorials from school content library
Get access to new watercolor lessons added every month
Get access to all webinars and interactive sessions with Nitin Singh
Get access to all watercolor community group activities
Certificate of completion
(quarterly and bi-annual students)
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Course lessons

You get immediate access to all watercolor tutorials along with new videos added every month

and many more...

Question in your mind?

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions below

I have just started watercoloring, is this course for me?

This course is crafted for every watercolor aspirants who wish to learn & grow with this medium. However, if you allready spent some time with this medium and looking forward to get more advance in your artwork then this course is best for you.

Do i need to attend class in specific day or time?

No! You have complete freedom from this. School members can log into the class any time they want and can watch any lessons any number of hours. However, time to time i organise webinar session for all students, this might requires you to be available in specific day & time.

Which language used in the school lessons?


Do i need to buy art supplies?

Yes, you must have all required art materials to begin with. You need to practice as adviced in the lesson.

Can i download school video lessons?

No, but if you're a school member then you can log-in and watch them whenever you want.

Will i get review & feedback on my painting?

Yes! all student can submit their artwork in "community gallery" to get feedback on his/her artwork.

Can i cancel my subscription plan if i found this course is not for me?

I tried my best to bring better learning experience to you. School membership comes with a 5 day money back guarantee. If within a 5 days of joining you change your mind, you can send me an email and i will be happy to return your full amount.

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