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Learn Watercolor from a Master in Live Classes

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Key Benefits 

Study watercolor painting under the guidance of renowned watercolor expert Nitin Singh

Join live watercolor classes to deepen your understanding and get your questions answerd in real-time

Access all past watercolor lessons and the tutorial library anytime.

Benefit from personal mentorship to nurture your continuous learning and growth

free watercolor course for beginners. Join Nitin Singh online watercolor course to get expert in watercolor painting.

Let Watercolor Become Your New Voice!

Art shouldn’t be  just creating pretty pictures; it's a voice from within, expressing emotions, and telling stories in a language that transcends words, it's about the joy, fulfillment, and purpose that come from living a truly creative life.


With watercolor every day becomes an adventure, every painting becomes a masterpiece, and allows you to paint the town red (and blue, and yellow, and green...) and show the world what they can't see!

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From City Scenery to Landscape, Experience the Joy of Watercoloring!

From the bustling energy of city streets to the serene beauty of watercolor landscapes, you'll learn essential techniques for creating watercolor artworks in any subject matter. This online watercolor class is designed for all levels of learners who wish to begin their exciting journey of artistic discovery.

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Live interactive  Watercolor Classes

Live streaming watercolor class for an interactive one-to-one guidance and highly engaging experience. Don't worry if you miss the live session—recorded videos are available for you to watch at your convenience.

Inside the Watercolor Class

Whether you're a watercolor beginner, intermediate, or advancing towards a professional level, Nitin's online watercolor painting classes are tailored for learners at every stage.

50+ Hours of
Watercolor Lessons and Counting...

Treasure trove of creativity with ever-growing collection of watercolor lessons, totaling over 50 hours and continuously expanding. Each week, we add fresh lessons to fuel your artistic journey, ensuring you never exhaust your wellspring of watercolor inspiration.

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Watercolor Class Key Highlights

Real-time Live Instruction:

Join me (Nitin Singh) in live, interactive sessions tailored for beginners & advanced learners. Elevate your skills with my online watercolor classes via Google Meet, designed for adults seeking to refine their technique and explore new horizons.

The Approach:

Beyond just teaching the basics to advance, this watercolor class aims to inspire learners to embrace the joy of creating watercolor art, encouraging them to embrace failure as part of the process in their artistic growth.

Access to Previous Lessons:

Gain access to a treasure trove of past watercolor lessons, allowing learners to revisit and reinforce their understanding of techniques covered in previous sessions at their convenience.

Personalized Mentoring:

Get benefit from my expertise as i guides you through feedback and support to help you overcome various watercolor challenges and refine your techniques.

Live Online Watercolor Class:

Join me for live online watercolor classes every Saturday via Google Meet. We paint, we laugh and learn together.

Subject Covered:

Freehand Sketching, Perspective Drawing, Working with Shapes, Still Life Composition, Understanding Color & Water Volume, Advanced Layering, Specialized Subjects such as Watercolor cityscape, landscape, portrait, outdoor (Plein Air) painting techniques, and many more exciting subjects.

Dive into the world of watercolor painting course for beginners! From the basics to advanced techniques, you'll explore the vibrant and fluid art of watercolor painting

Your Mentor

watercolour class in

Hi, i'm Nitin Singh, my watercolor art journey is a testament to the belief that anyone can learn and master watercolor painting. I'm committed to inspiring and mentoring others to unleash their creativity through this beautiful medium.


With a solid foundation in fine art education and a decade of experience I have honed my skills and passion for watercolor art, making it the vibrant centrepiece of my creative journey.


I’m glad to see many of my students have witnessed a profound growth in their skills and artistic prowess, guided by my insights and unwavering support.

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Jade Faith

Found this guy on youtube (clicked bc I liked his work). His philosophy on art is just what I needed. Perfectionism was getting in the way of my creative practice and I felt I could no longer express myself without doubt and disappointment. This was a great exercise in re-learning how to enjoy being creative, and to get back into making stuff.

Muriah U

This was my first time doing a city scape. Even sketching it out was new to me. Went a bit too fast for me but it was amazing watching Nitin's painting come to life - wow! Lots of talent!

Jean P

Every step is explained in detail. I love how the painting process is organised into defined layers which is something I don't see in other artists' tutorials. The end result is a very vibrant painting.

Scott Schoepe

Nitin encourages his students to tackle what appear to be difficult exercises in a step-by-step process that builds skills and confidence. He stresses the importance of practicing every day and encourages you to enjoy the learning process. He wants us to have fun with sketching and watercolor and makes each lesson enjoyable and stress-free. He has motivated me to further my watercolor skills beyond my expectations.

Cristina Lopez

I loved this class!!! Very happy with the outcome, and, most important, with the process.

What People Says

Celebrate Your Life with Creativity

Question in Your Mind?

  • I have just started watercoloring, is this course for me?"
    This course is crafted for every watercolor aspirants who wish to learn & grow with this medium. However, if you allready spent some time with this medium and looking forward to get more advance in your artwork then this course is best for you.
  • Do i need to attend class in specific day or time?
    No! You have complete freedom from this. School members can log into the class any time they want and can watch any lessons any number of hours. However, time to time i organise webinar session for all students, this might requires you to be available in specific day & time.
  • Which language used in the school lessons?
  • Do i need to buy art supplies?
    Yes, you must have all required art materials to begin with. You need to practice as adviced in the lesson.
  • Can i download school video lessons?
    No, but if you're a school member then you can log-in and watch them whenever you want.
  • Will i get review & feedback on my painting?
    Yes! all student can submit their artwork in "community gallery" to get feedback on his/her artwork.
  • Can i cancel my subscription plan if i found this course is not for me?
    I tried my best to bring better learning experience to you. Watercolor class membership comes with a 3 day money back guarantee. If within a 3 days of joining you change your mind, you can send me an email ( and i will be happy to return your full amount.
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Subscription plan standard

Choose Your Online Watercolor Tuition Plan and Get started

  • 2 Live Session + All Past Lessons

    Every month
    • Book two live watercolor session per month
    • One-to-One mentoring
    • Access all past watercolor lessons throughout the month
    • New watercolor lesson/class recordings available every week
    • Receive personalised feedback and mentoring from Nitin Singh
    • Access to community gallery
  • 4 Live Session + All Past Lessons

    Every month
    • Book four live watercolor session per month
    • One-to-One mentoring
    • Access all past watercolor lessons throughout the month
    • New watercolor lesson/class recordings available every week
    • Receive personalised feedback and mentoring from Nitin Singh
    • Access to community gallery

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