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The Blue Majesty

The Blue Majesty


In my watercolor creation, "The Blue Majesty," I transport the viewer to the elevated perch of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, offering an aerial panorama of the renowned Blue City. The canvas unfolds like a dream, with vibrant blues dominating the scene, harmonized by the gentle interplay of yellow ochre and light brown. Mehrangarh Fort, depicted in an impressionistic form, stands regally in the distance, adorned with hues of light blue and hints of brown, suggesting a sun-kissed warmth on its imposing walls. As an artist, my intention is to convey the harmonious blend of architectural grandeur and the organic sprawl of the Blue City. The aerial view allows for an appreciation of the city's intricate layout, and the vibrant blue hues evoke a feeling of enchantment and wonder, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the labyrinth of Jodhpur's streets.


Artwork Details:

Title: The Blue Majesty

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Type: Original watercolor painting

Size: 30 x 22 Inch

Creation Date: 2024


Included: An Authentication certificate with original artist signature.

Shipping charges: $150 For International

Payment & delivery: Only PayPal payment accepted. Upon confirmation of full payment, painting will be shipped through UPS/DHL within 3 working days.

  • Shipment of this watercolour painting will be as per international art packaging guideline to ensure safe delivery to you. Usually it takes 5-7 working days for international delivery, and 3-5 business days within india.

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