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Watercolor Art of  Varanasi Ghats

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

For an artist, some subject has tremendous potential to reflect various values and expression into their painting. One of them is  Varanasi Ghats (also know as BANARAS). Being a watercolor artist, it’s become even more challenging when an artist trying to express his or her creative realisation through fluid medium (watercolor), it's become incredibly important to transferring belief and purity of this place into watercolor art. For me it's been such a phenomenal joy floating around my various emotional expression, working on various watercolor paintings of such a beautiful subject Varanasi ghats & temples.

Varanasi ghat painting
Varanasi ghat arial view watercolour painting for sale | 30 x 22 inch | 44,000 Rs.

watercolor art
Watercolor painting of Varanasi ghat | 30 x 19 Inch | SOLD

Online watercolor art gallery for sale
Watercolor painting of Banaras Ghat | 22 x 15 Inch | 22,000 Rs. | Available

An artist obsession has always been fascinated with various influence within his own creation, therefor, with me too. My initial career of watercolor art received substantial inspiration from one of the sacred place in the earth – BANARAS, formally known today as Varanasi. I felt warmth of purity, flawless and divine creative inspiration from this place as I was progressing day and years with my watercolor art journey. I felt immense source of inspiration every watercolor painting i worked on, those inspiration was not only just boosted my creative awareness, but also given me strong foundation being firm and focused even after multiple failure to transform it's magnetic divine energy into my water painting. Those inspirations evokes my creative realm even today, and keep inspiring my water painting to create some of best watercolor paints of ghats of Varanasi. Being an indian watercolor artist, I truly connected to essence of divine values of Varanasi which empowering my watercolor art.

Welcome to my online art gallery of Varanasi Ghats

Few of best watercolor paints inspired from spiritual town of Varanasi ghats, these online paint of original watercolor art available to buy onlineplease check my online art gallery of watercolor paintings for sale and availability.

Banaras painting
Banaras ghat watercolour painting original art | 30 x 22 inch | 40,000 Rs.

Watercolor art for sale
Varanasi watercolor art for sale | 30 x 19 inch | this water painting has been stolen through online phishing, please report if any one found this artwork.

watercolour art banaras ghat
Original watercolor art of manikarnika ghat varanasi | 30 x 20 Inch | 35,000 Rs. | Available

water paint art for sale
Water paint art of Varanasi Ghat | 30 x 19 Inch | SOLD

How Varanasi Ghats inspired my watercolor artwork

During my fine art academic year in 1998, i was in search of creative inspiration and motivation to work upon as field study of my watercolor artwork. Though i shortlisted few places for watercolor drawing study but i never got excited for this project, probably the reason being shortlisting these places because of lower expense and easy accessible from my college, money was decider here. 

Varanasi was about 240 km away from my college (Patna), and finally i have taken dramatic decision to study this holy town for my watercolor art project. Varanasi and it's divineghats always excites me, and it was my dream to reach this place and make hundreds of watercolor drawings and paintings. I knew that i might have some real tough time because of less money for survival, my utmost love about this place refused to listen any setback. I took train and reached Varanasi. I stay couple of days in Visual Art faculty, Varanasi hostel with my seniors, subsequently i started leaving with one of my good old friend from same college. 

best watercolor paints online
Collection of best watercolor paints from Banaras street | 30 x 18 Inch | 35,000 Rs. | Available

original watercolor art for sale
Online water painting of Varanasi street | 30 x 18 Inch | 30,000 Rs. | Available

So far i have been hearing this place, seeing photographs and some time seen this in TV or Bollywood movies (Internet was evolving), when i look at this place from my very own eye, iwas in continues tear which refused to stop (glad that no body was around). I set entire day at Assi ghat and made several water painting, drawings and sketches. Every corner of this place was inviting me to do best watercolor paints i ever done before, i felt a divine warmth and inspiration all over nurturing my creative desire to paint this spiritual town.

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