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Complete Watercolor Program for Beginners

  • 40Steps


Primary objective of this program is to let you "Start With Watercolor", and within three months you will start creating your very own watercolor paintings. This online watercolor program enable you to achieve your desire to paint watercolor and opens a door for you to become a pro watercolorist. What makes this watercolor class more effective is it's curriculum crafted by Nitin Singh himself. Each watercolor lessons carefully created based on actual pain points of watercolor beginners. Nitin has reviewed and interacted thousands of watercolor beginners through his YouTube channel, he analysed basic areas where beginners struggles a lot. These research data given him solid foundation to create this online watercolor classess program specifically for waterolor beginner students. What you will learn? The very first thing you will learn is how to be motivated during watercolor learning process, how to enjoy this medium rather than overwhelmed with various emotions specially negative ones. You will learn "How to Draw" or "Sketch" your subject, this is super critical in order to learn watercolor. Getting familiar with watercolor, it's transparency, everything basics to advance watercolor process, making mistakes and various watercolor lessons

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