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Limited participant online watercolor class

Experience being part of this awesome online watercolor mentor class which help you to grow your skill making watercolor art. This class is for all watercolor art lover who wish to paint to express their creative freedom. A very limited participant group (up-to 5 participants), hence; substantial focus on individual learning growth and better mentoring session. 

How to join this online watercolor class?

This watercolor class will be conducted through live video streaming (Skype video call) with very limited participants (5 participants). Student can choose available date & time slot to confirmation his/her participation. Currently this watercolor class available only on saturday & sunday (IST).

Who can join this class?

This watercolor class is best for beginners & semi-advance learners.

What is the time duration of this watercolor class?

This online watercolor class is 2 hr. long session with additional 10 minute break.

Art supplies

Each participant should have all required watercolor art material during class session.

Skype Account

This online watercolor class session requires you to connect through Skype video call. You should have high speed internet connection & Skype login ID.


English language is primary communication in this watercolor class.

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